Michigan PC Repair Services

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Computer Hardware Repair & Upgrades

Our certified computer technicians have accrued over 10 years of support experience in the field. We work on both Macs and PCs, and can take care of your needs on both platforms. Whether you are having problems with an existing device or if you need something new installed, we are here to help.

Computer Performance

The easiest thing you can do to boost your computer's speed is to upgrade its memory. If you have a slow computer, a RAM upgrade might easily cure the issue. Let us find the optimum operating speed for your computer.

Request a free consultation with a computer hardware specialist.

Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting Services

Hardware Troubleshooting – $75 / hour

Having trouble with your computer? Will you PC not turn on? Does it shut off on its own? We will diagnose the issues you are having then repair them to quickly get you back up and running.

Memory Installation – $50

Is your computer running slow? Memory is the most effective way to increase your computer's performance and extend the life of your system. Added memory is great for multitasking and using more than one application at a time.

Graphic Card Installation – $60

Are you a hardcore gamer or designer? Does your system slow to a crawl when you most need it? Let us upgrade the graphic power of your computer to get quicker frame rates in your games or to get more pep when you are making magic through graphic design.

Sound Card Installation – $60

Upgrade your audio experience by adding a new sound card. Get that high quality sound you have always been missing and turn your PC into a multimedia powerhouse.

Other Hardware – $60

We can install and set up any device.

  • Motherboards and CPUs
  • Power Supplies
  • TV Tuner Cards
  • Hard Drives
  • Printers
  • and more…