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iPhone & Mobile Application Development

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps

There are currently over 100,000 apps available in the iTunes store, and there have been over 1 billion downloads since its launch in 2008. Mobile development is an industry that is becoming increasingly important. Custom mobile application development allows for software creation to meet your needs while you are on the go. We can help with creating everything from games to apps for getting things done and retrieving the latest news. Custom mobile applications can help increase productivity and allow access to essential tools from wherever you may be.

Apple iPhone Application Development – SDK

Expand the reach of your current online services and join the Apple iPhone craze! Have a great new idea for an iPhone application? Talk to a Browser Kings developer about designing a custom iPhone app. Who knows? You could be Apple's next success story!

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Featured iPhone App

Lunar Hunt and Fish - Now available in the iTunes Store!

Lunar Hunt and Fish iPhone App

Have a favorite fishing or hunting spot?

Now you can know the best times of the day to be there!

Whether going hunting or fishing locally or planning an out of state trip in the future, you can easily determine the best daily times for any location in the US.

Mobile Web Design

Browser Kings specializes in creating Mobile Applications on several different platforms. The use of mobile devices is on the rise, as is customer appetite for the mobile web. We can also create mobile web friendly applications or create mobile versions of existing web sites. If your site doesn't look like you want it to on a mobile device, we can convert it to look the way it should. Special versions of websites for mobile devices allow your customers to access your site from wherever they may be. We will also make sure that your mobile site follows current SEO standards, so that it can readily be found via mobile search engines.

Mobile devices don't have the processing power that typical computers do. The mobile web is also not as fast as a home or business Internet connection. Knowing these limits, we understand that mobile sites should not have fancy animations and large photos. We focus on getting your customers the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Don't fall behind technology from the get go. Keep your business ahead of the curve; start thinking about mobile web visitors now, before it is too late.

Mobile Web and iPhone App Development

Smartphones, iPhones, Blackberry and PDAs users are increasing every day. It's now more important than ever to make sure your website will display and function correctly for your mobile audience! Browser Kings can optimize your existing website's code for mobile browsing, or we can create an entire site designed exclusively for mobile users.