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Pay Per Click Marketing - PPC Advertising Campaigns, Search Marketing, Sponsored Listings

If you are looking for a marketing strategy that can provide immediate results, a pay-per-click campaign is a great option. Pay-per-click marketing involves placing advertisments in search engines, social networks and websites throughout the Internet. Payment for these advertisements are calulated through a Cost-per-Click (CPC) system in which advertisers are only charged when a potential client clicks their ad. Browser Kings can help develop and manage your pay-per-click marketing campaigns for any product or service.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

  • Google Adwords
  • Microsoft Search Advertising on Bing
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Ask Sponsored Listings
  • Facebook Advertising
  • YouTube Promoted Videos
  • eCommerce Pay-per-Click (Shopzilla, Amazon, Pricegrabber, etc.)
Michigan Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Organic vs. Pay-per-Click

When an Internet user performs a search using a search engine, two types of results are displayed: Organic and Pay-per-Click. Organic search results refer to the listings in search engine results pages that appear by their relevance to the search terms. They are usually displayed on the left side of the body of the page and are ordered from top to bottom.

Most search engine pay-per-click marketing ads are designed to look like the search results, except for minor visual distinctions such as their background color and/or placement on the page. These advertisements are commonly called sponsored links, and typically appear adjacent to or above organic results on search engine results pages.

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Benefits of Pay-per-Click Marketing

  • Generate traffic and visitors immediately
  • Quickly obtain first page search engine listings for major keywords
  • Great for new sites to get traffic
  • Promote seasonal and holiday items
  • Flash websites or sites that have problems indexing
  • Targeted traffic
  • Real-time tracking