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CSS3 - Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 Demo Preview

Our intentions are to do something unique with CSS3 on this page. At the moment we are tied down with creating and updating our clients' sites – after all they are the most important. Hopefully someday soon we can put something cool here to showcase what CSS3 is capable of, but for now we are going to keep it lame and show some basics…we apologize.

Most of the below Demos will work in the latest versions of Firefox or Safari. So, if you cannot see anything special below, try downloading one of those browser and coming back.

Border Colors

This box should have several border colors. If you are seeing an all black border, your browser does not support this css3 property.

Border Radius – Curved Borders

There is something about a curver border that is more appealing that a plain old square area. This one will save graphic designers a ton of work.

This box should have a curved border. If you do not see it, your browser does not support this css3 property.

Box Shadow

You can find drop shadows all over the web, and they can add lots to a page if used correctly.

This box should have a drop shadow. If you do not see it, your browser does not support this css3 property.

Text Shadow

Add cool looking drop shadows to your text without having to use graphics.

The text in this box should have a drop shadow. If you do not see it, your browser does not support this css3 property.

Text Overflow

If the text within an area does not fit, it will be automatically clipped and and elipsis (…) will be inserted.

The text in this box should have elipsis at the end. If you do not see it, your /p>

Non Web-Safe Fonts

This one is dangerous…we might put everything in Jedi font.

The text in this box should be in Jedi font. If you do not see it, your browser does not support this css3 property.

May the force be with you

CSS3 Automatic Column Layouts

One of the more difficult things to accomplish in a web site is text that will automatically fill multiple columns. This can be done manually by manually placing text in each column, but what would happen when the text needs to be changed? With the current standards, you would have to re-arrange the text in the columns.

Column layouts are one of proposed features in CSS3. With these new properties, page text can easily be placed into columns, and the editing of that text does not include manually shifting text between columns.

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